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Motorize existing blinds and shades easy

Everyone should be able to enjoy the convenience and save energy
with smart blinds and shades.

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A while back we were on the lookout for a way to motorize existing indoor blinds and shades
but we could not find any good solutions on the market.

Although nearly all home automation companies uses motorized blinds and shades in their marketing we could not find anything that could be retrofitted. The only options we found would force the replacement of existing products for new expensive ones. Furthermore you need to hire an electrician to have it installed.

We thought there should be a better way, so we made -MOVE.

And our goal was very clear, the specification was to:

Produce a motor for window coverings that is universal, affordable, fast, silent, simple to install, app controlled and multifunctional

With motorized blinds and shades the never ending manual job with pulling them up and down is history.

Enjoy the convenience and ease of having motorized driven blinds or shades. With MOVE its never been more easy. You are in full control of how they will operate using your smartphone or the physical button on the unit. You can even make your blinds and shades act automatic based on sun, temperature or a time schedule.

There is several benefits in having MOVE controlling your blinds and shades.  Some of those benefits are explained in more detail at the topics ”Convenience” and ”Energy savings” above.
We made MOVE to automate window shades