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Motorize blinds and shades

MOVE is a bluetooth controlled motor for your existing indoor blinds and shades.

It is built to fit as many different manually controlled indoor blinds and shades as possible.

That is why MOVE can be retrofitted to nearly all different manually controlled indoor blinds and shades. No matter if its continuous cord loops, bead chain loop, bead chain with connectors or just reeling in a cord MOVE will be able to operate it.
MOVE is compatible with cord loops, bead chain and plain cords
1. MOVE attached to cord loop
2. MOVE attached to bead chain
3. MOVE attached to cord
MOVE works on bead chain and chain connectors
MOVE works on almost all types of materials, diameters and different numbers of beads per inch that bead chains can have. It also works with almost all types of bead chain connectors.

Controlling MOVE

Control motorized blinds and shades with an app
MOVE can be controlled by a app or by pushing the psysical buttons on the unit.
Motorized roller blinds
MOVE installed on a roller blind

Super easy to install 

Anybody can easily and quickly install MOVE without the need of craftsman or electrician. Its housing is either fastened using wall bracket or dual side tape. The housing contains the necessary batteries. Solar panel for battery charging included. No connection to electrical outlets necessary.

Motorized vertical blinds

Motorized venetian blinds

Motorized pleated blinds

Motorized roller blinds / roller shades

Motorized venetian blind
MOVE installed on a venetian blind
Parts needed to make blinds and shades smart
This is all you need in order to quick and easy make your blinds and shade smart

Inside MOVE technology

MOVE uses a CSR1010 module with Bluetooth Smart, the module have CSRmesh radio which is a mesh protocol running over Bluetooth Smart. This means multiple units can communicate with each other forwarding transmissions making the radio coverage better. This also makes it possible to link MOVE units together making them act as one.

MOVE have a open API to the hardware making it possible for anyone to tweak it into a existing home automation systems or just make a own cool control app.
MOVE use a bluetooth mesh network
We have put a lot of time into designing and testing the custom metal gearbox. Our goal has been to make it very powerful yet as quiet as possible. In order to ensure its function even under heavy load the gears are made of metal and the output axel has dual bearings. MOVE have a force limiting safety feature making it safe to use.

Making MOVE go

We wanted MOVE to be as easy as possible to install out of the box so we made MOVE run on standard batteries (4 x AAA) as default and by using our included solar panel in combination with rechargeable batteries MOVE will become self-sufficient.

MOVE can also be installed with permanent power by using a USB port power supply with a micro USB cable (not included). 


Radio protocol:
Lift capacity:
Pull capacity:
Reel mechanism:
Size MOVE:
Size solar panel:
Battery 4xAAA or micro USB power supply (neither included)
Bluetooth Smart 4.0 (2,4 GHz Bluetooth Low Energy)
4 kg / 9 lb
6 kg / 13 lb
Cogwheel, Cord loop spool, Cord spool
L 163mm/6,41in, W 35mm/1,37in, H 33mm/1,29in
L 122mm/4,80in, W 32mm/1,25in, H 5mm/0,19in

In the package when delivered

Parts to motorize your existing window shades
1.MOVE unit x1
2.Spool cover x1
3.Battery holder x1
4.Battery lid x1
5.Spool cover screw x1
6.Solar panel x1
7.Extension cable solar panel x1
8.Cogwheel x1
9.Cord spool x1
10.Cord loop spool x1
11.Axel output screw x1
12.Straight brackets x2
13.Angled brackets x2
14.Double coated foam tape x1
15.Solar panel installation bracket x1
16. Cord guide x1
Introduction price

ordinary retail price €75
Motorized blinds and shades
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