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Hello developer

We are glad to see you found this page, here we are going to gather and publish all the deeper information regarding MOVE and how it's possible to interact with it.

We are going to publish things on this page continuously and build it one step at the time and make it cover as many details as possible. We hope that you will have a bit patience during the initial build up time because it can take some time until we have had the time to make this page cover of all the of the details.
Flowchart link

Flowchart of the app

In order to effectively work with the development of the app we made a flowchart with all the different views that can be seen in the app. The implementation process is outmarked with different coulors. By clicking on the picture above you will see a bigger version.

In the developing process we have also built a mockup in order to test different ways of navigation and layouts. During this work we tried a lot of different things in order to find what we think is an optimal design for the app. Below you can see examples of the three different views.
Quicklist view
Quicklist view
Here the user can control all units individually
Favorites view
Favorite view
Here the user can make a favorite function with one preset position or fully open/close all units in the favorite function
Automations view
Automation view
Here the user can make a automation with sun, temperature or time as the trigger

UART commands

UART commands link
In the UART API documents you will find all commands that will be possible to send through the micro USB connector on MOVE. This is the first version and we will update this over time.