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About us

Teptron AB was founded in Varberg / Gothenburg on the Swedish west coast and is today active in both Varberg and Bålsta.

Our goal is to make smart motors for existing internal window coverings that are affordable, simple to use and easy to control.
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In the company we have a wide experience of product development and many of the steps in production are done by ourselves. For example the electronics is assembled by us in Bålsta, final assembly and packaging is done by us in Varberg.

An overarching goal we have is to try to keep the develupment and production as geographically close to each other. This partly from an environmental perspective, but also because we believe it is important for the quality of the end product that development and production are geographically close to each other in order to quickly be able to capture problems and more naturally find improvement opportunities.

Therefore, we have many Swedish suppliers and constantly trying to evaluate geographically close suppliers who can deliver the components or skills we need.

MOVE is "Made in Sweden"